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Veteran & UT alumnus for GFE

Authenticity, Exploration, Vulnerability… What’s your medicine? ABOUT ME: I’m of the protector/ healer/ nurturer archetype as evidenced by my past occupations as an Air Force Medic and then a Social Worker. My undergrad from UT is in Human Development and Family Sciences with an emphasis on Personal Relationships. Lately, I've been contemplating going back to grad school to dive deeper into personal relationships and sexuality. Should I do it? 100% authentic Tapatía from Guadalajara, Mexico (no photoshop/ editing). I grew up in San Diego, and have been blessed to call Austin, TX home for over a decade. If you get me talking, I'm fascinated with how humans relate to one another, the evolution of consciousness, neurobiology neurolinguistics, parapsychology & secular spirituality. I enjoy giving and receiving massages, dance, yoga, meditation, hiking, biking, swimming, and being in nature. Nature is my muse and I am often found walking barefoot, hugging trees, smelling flowers, bathing in the sun, running with my dog or playing with my chickens.

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I have a professional career M-F, 8-5 but am available 24/7 with advance scheduling. I rarely have last-minute availability. I prefer 3 days' notice. Scheduling 1 week in advance is wise. If my profile is marked “available now”, that means I’m available to respond to your scheduling inquiry now and available to meet with you later this week.

Tour Schedule

I’d be happy to drive to you for extended dates in Central Texas (San Antonio, Dallas, Houston, Leander, Georgetown, Marble Falls, Pflugerville, Cedar Park, Round Rock, Lakeway, San Marcos, Kyle, Buda, Hutto etc.). The travel fee is $100 per hour of drive time round trip.

Santa Fe, NM, USDec 19 – Jan 1, 2023
Let’s skii together!


Half an hourUS$400

Regardless of dietarios, our time together will feel less clinical and more like reuniting with your high school crush. The vibe is right, you have all the green flags and you’ve been waiting for this for 20 years!

1 HourUS$500

Meet and Greet: Regardless of what we do, my personal objective is for both of us to feel connected, seen and understood.

2 HoursUS$900

Sensual massage while you listen to your favorite music or audiobook

3 hoursUS$1,400

Movie night: let’s Netflix & chill or better yet— let’s make out own movies

6 HoursUS$2,000

Dinner date: whether your into a romantic dinner date or a wild party at a swingers club , I’m your lady!

12 HoursUS$3,000

Overnight rendezvous: I prefer overnights because 🎵“I have no concept of time other than it is flying… and all I need now is intellectual intercourse…. A soul to dig the hole much deeper” 🎶. Meaning I’m not a clock watcher. I’m a sapiosexual that enjoys having flirty intellectually stimulating conversations, and a genuine heart-to-heart connection.

24 hoursUS$4,000

Full day of fun: If you're up for more active and outdoor dates, let's day drink at Lost Creek, 420 at drum circles or try some ecstatic dance.

48 hoursUS$7,000

Weekend Getaway: For our extended time together, I have a bunch ideas up my sleeve! Whether it’s a short retreat away from your demanding daily life or a multi-day getaway ✈️, we can make it happen. It can be as simple as getting to know each other over a drinks, or we could even venture out and explore one of the many dining options my great city has to offer 🍽. I am very laid back and prefer a casual atmosphere – while I do enjoy dressing up if the occasion calls for it 👗, I am much more comfortable wearing a cute blouse and leggings 👟. Need help with suggestions on what we can do? Just ask!

Hot-wife CommitmentUS$10,000

A more exclusive monthly package which includes 4 dates a month (up to 3 hours each), unlimited calls & texts, 2 Skype dates (up to 1 hour each).

GFE devotionUS$5,000

Includes 2 dates a month (up to 3 hours each), unlimited calls & texts, 2 Skype dates (up to 1 hour each).

Casual GFEUS$2,500

Includes 1 date a month (up to 3 hours), unlimited calls & texts, 1 Skype date (up to an hour)



6 hours

Fly me to youUS$4,000

Flying me to you is a better bet (first class airfare + 5 star hotel expense + 50% deposit, all in advance). Minimum honorarium for travel outside of Texas is $4,000.



Deposits via Venmo or CashAPP. I require a $100 deposit because a deposit demonstrates your intent to follow through. I understand the ambivalence you may have about being scammed, but this risk is not unique to my industry. Many small business owners (hair stylists 💇‍♀️, tattoo artists, attorneys, etc.) also require a deposit & why shouldn’t companions expect the same with our business? The bottom line is, I ABSOLUTELY want to meet you and keep you as a long-term friend, and ripping you off once on a partial deposit just doesn’t make smart business sense. For privacy and safety reasons, the only photos that I am able to share are available on my Tryst profile and my social media (Twitter). I am unable to send pictures of my face for the sake of my privacy and safety. Honorarium is cash 💵, in a greeting card envelope given to me within 10 minutes of meeting. Please don't feel awkward about this. (Women often receive birthday cards from their dates, and bystanders think nothing of it.) It's important that you embrace all aspects of our unconventional relationship. If you don't enjoy your supportive role in my life there is no place for you in it.


• 24hr cancellation policy. • No shows/last-minute cancellations are subject to fees. I highly recommend these resources: search “How to Book an Escort” on the Reddit forum r/sexworkers or click here: Also search “How to Find a Safe Provider” on the Reddit forum r/sexworkers (or on link.tryst under “Client Resources”) or click here: I share those links so you can confirm via 3rd party resources that verification and deposits are standard industry practice for high class companions who advertise on sites such as Tryst and because I feel demystifying this elusive sexy subculture just makes it safer for everyone 🤗! I hope you find these excellent resources as informative as I’ve found them to be. Happy learning👨‍🎓😘! I invite you to reach out once you’ve familiarized yourself with the information I’ve shared with you. Kindly remember to let me know your name, preferred screening method 🧐🔬, date 📆, time ⌚️and location 📍for our rendezvous! I look forward to meeting with you in the near future 😘! ❌⭕ Angela


Please introduce yourself with your name, age, occupation👨‍💼, preferred verification method, where, when and for how long you’d like our rendezvous. Let me know you are comfortable with my rates & your preferred deposit method 🤑 (Cashapp or Venmo). VERIFICATION 🧐🔬: All new friends will require verification. This may be provided in the form of DL/ ID/ work badge, linked-in profile or provider referral. I understand and am sympathetic to the ambivalence you may have about sharing your private information and sending a deposit. Please understand your preference for privacy and fear of being scammed is outweighed by my need for safety and security. If this is an issue for you, then we are incompatible. If you are not prepared to provide some form of verification & deposit, please do not bother to reach out! If you’d like to speak on the phone ☎️, you are required to tip/ deposit BEFORE the call. I will not answer calls unless they have been scheduled and I have received your tip (ask me for my ca$h@pp! or Venmo). Respect my time. Pretending you are interested in a date so you can jerk off to our texts and never sending a deposit or a tip for my time is theft of service. Please don’t be a sleazy thief jerk! I feel demystifying this elusive sexy subculture just makes it safer for everyone 🤗! As such I’m sharing the resources below so you may familiarize yourself with industry etiquette & expectations before reaching out to me. For an excellent resource, search “How to Book an Escort” on the Reddit forum r/sexworkers or click here: Also see “How to Find a Safe Provider” on under Client Resources (& on the Reddit forum r/sexworkers) or click here: I hope you find these excellent resources as Informative as I’ve found them to be. Happy learning👨‍🎓😘!


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