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Sexy, intelligent, determined, out going, experimental single Italian woman who enjoys real connections and experiences with other people. I'm extremely open minded sexually. I enjoy intimate relations along with just great sex. I've found some of my most meaningful honest relationships, which aren't just a mirage for the time we're together. I love to take care of my partner and require that in return. I don't mind a one time fling but prefer longer engagements, I think that as you become more comfortable with another the experience becomes more honest, real and fulfilling in regards to all aspects of that relationship. Also please read everything because Even under the cancelation policy there may be other information in there that you actually need to know in regards to something else. You're expected to know the information I've already posted. Thank you love how to hear from you soon xoxo jezabelle13

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I've an available incall 7 days a week. I usually see people between the hours of 7am until about midnight or a little later this extended time frame is by advance notice at least the day before. Although if scheduled in advance we can discuss your availability needs. Please get as close to a 24 hour window as possible. I understand if things come up, but it is respectful for me to be able to plan out my days as best and soon as possible. Once we've established the basis of our arrangement I will always do everything I can to meet on a short notice, even if that means you're in the shower with me lol. Just so you realize the rates do not include the customary tip. Remember just as much as you like to be taken care of I like to be takin care of. So please be mindful and we will both exceed our expectations of our arrangement. I look forward to the beginning of us being completely fulfilled by each other and no longer wanting our longing for something that is missing on our lives.


Half hour$300

1 hour US$400

2 hourUS$650



Half hour$350

1 hourUS$500

2 hoursUS$750




Any and all of town reservations must put in good faith a 10% deposit down. For travel situations flights and all transportations will be required to show proof of round trip tickets along with spending cash at the gate of the departing flight so there is a sense of trust and security in both parties. Please be sure to look closely at my rates and have an idea of what you're wanting before contacting me. My rates are non negotiable. They are priced for the quality of service and attention provided. You will never be disappointed or leave longing for something you didn't receive. I have a limit on how many clients I take on at a time as each deserves my full attention and time. Please be mindful that our first communications will be getting comfortable with and verifying you as an individual to decide if I'm willing to engage in the initial meeting. Usually for the first time please do not expect to meet within a few minutes that's unrealistic. Once I've decided to maintain the relationship that of course changes and I'm usually available for you on short notice, I really invite you into my life at that point. Also I require you to be above a certain age group. I prefer men who are out of their 20's and have a stable, productive, flourishing life style. Also immpecibale hygiene is a must or I will refuse to meet you. I absolutely love what I do and the type of relationships I build and maintain that don't resemble a box like ideal of what it should be and every relationship is different I truly enjoy our experiences together. Be mindful and respectful at all times as well I with you. I don't appreciate unwanted inappropriate derogatory talk. I accept PayPal, cash app, venmo, I can provide you with an invoice in which you choose which ever account you need to use.


It's completely understandable that from time to time something will come up and you'll need to cancel or reschedule. I am accommodating to that. Be aware that if it seems to become an issue I will have to end our arrangement. If for some reason I have to reschedule I will give you at least a few hours notice if possible. I've only ever had something come up that was a family emergency one time that affected a meeting. I'm extremely reliable and expect the same. Once you've been accepted as a ongoing client we will set up an arrangement that satisfies us both. Whether I see you every day or four times a month, weekly, I do prefer that we have a very clear definition and expectations of each other and our arrangement so that we both can be completely satisfied with each other.

Please feel free to email, text or message me at anytime. Usually a text message will get a quicker response. Typically I would appreciate at least a 2 hour window prior to your requested time. I rarely ever check my email so be aware of that. If you want to get a hold of me text me. Have an idea of what you're expecting and how long you're wanting our initial meeting to be. I will not continue to text and it send pictures without the intention of establishing a meeting. If you're wanting a Skype or phone conversation relationship I do have posted rates for that also. If I haven't already listed a rate and it service that you're wanting please feel free to inquire.


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