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Jamie Lee

Native of another dimension, currently trapped on this Earth due to issues involving both time and space. (Turns out, sex helps replenish the cosmo-plasma necessary for inter-dimensional travel.) Mature, blonde, petite, fit, cute (...I think? but of course these things are subjective...). Short pixie hair. Nerdish.🖖 Very sexual & an easy hang. Interests include: tasty snacks, 16th-century grimoires, Star Trek, Roman mystery cults, Jimi Hendrix, sex, and the original Law & Order. Briscoe & Green = zenith of Law & Order excellence. DO NOT bother contacting me unless you agree. (Kidding. Contact me regardless.) <<DUN DUN>> FYI: former tomboy here. Lingerie is definitely not my strong suit - see pics. (In my defense - in my native dimension, lingerie doesn't exist, even... we all wear cotton panties from Gap). If you love lingerie/elegance/the finer things, etc., I am likely not for you. Think #mediumscale, not #upscale - am very down to earth (amazing, considering I'm not even from Earth). Incall only. Location: a slightly-ramshackle-yet-groovy space pod, cleverly disguised as a NYC apartment, #notinmidtown. I <heart> making out. Did I mention? 🛸🧑🏼‍🚀 xoxo

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(Otherwise availability varies, as I have a day job - outside the hologram, I'm a [redacted]). EDIT: family issues have me out of state - will be back in NYC Wed, 4/20. EDITx2: Just back today, 5/1.


Super Groovy Incall🤙US$400


Groovy Incall + summoning Satan🤟 US$666

This GFE includes the summoning of Satan, who will then do our bidding

Add-on: delicious snacks!US$25.99

Add to our meeting a delightful spread of DELICIOUS SNACKS! ...just kidding about the $25.99. Snacks are GRATIS! (That's how we roll in my dimension - we are *very* into your Earth snacks.)



If you cancel on me, I will time travel into the past and prevent you from ever contacting me to begin with (fyi). But hopefully you won't cancel on me.

Email me an introduction. I'll send you deets & if all goes well, directions to the wormhole that will bring you to me. My deets, btw, are very exciting... almost too exciting. 😎 Please include your favorite Takis flavor in the email. (Where I am from, Takis are a delicacy - favorite flavors can say a lot about a person, much like horoscopes in your world...). Intros written in complete sentences go to the front of the line. Oh yeah baby! <sexy wink emoji> ALSO - if you're looking for evidence of me elsewhere online, to determine if I'm an actual human being, etc - I used to post on switter, but switter was shuttered in March. You can now find me on mastodon.social, same username (go to mastodon[dot]social/[at]jamieklee). I've archived old switter posts there. Cheers! :)

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