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  • Based in
    Northern New Jersey, New Jersey, United States
  • Caters to
    Male, Female, Non-binary, Couples
  • Gender
    Female (she)
  • Age
  • Body type
    Slim - Petite
  • Height
    161 cm / 5′ 3″
  • Ethnicity
    Latina + European
  • Cup size
  • Hair colour
  • Shoe size
  • Eye colour
  • Last activity
    Jul 17, 2020

About Jade Ivy

Welcome! Since I could remember, I’ve had an innate ability to connect with others instantly. You’ll find I’m a devastating mix of charm, sophistication, and femininity all rolled into a petite, all-natural package. My almond shaped eyes evoke intense urges with just a glance - a gaze that will leave you in a carnal daze, and a lucid aura that will make you feel at ease. My endearing personality is enhanced by my body that I can only describe as surreal. I stand at a mere 5’3” but you’ll find my features are far from average. I weigh a delicate 110lbs yet maintain an hourglass shape accompanied by full, round D-cups, a flat, toned stomach, and a shapely, plump bum. With soft, dark hair that flows effortlessly and smooth skin that loves to be caressed…, don’t set your wants aside because you believe them to be unattainable; allow me to show you the joy that comes with giving in to your desires. I crave the excitement and delight that comes with meeting a new or established friend. I savor the thrill of sharing witty, playful banter over a glass of bubbly moscato which then transitions to intimate discussions of our deepest desires. There’s something special about what I do, which is why I thoroughly enjoy it. I provide a unique experience that’s cultivated to each gentleman’s specific wants. The effort you put into our meeting will always be matched (and oftentimes, exceeded). This is why I prefer to see individuals who are nothing short of respectful, chivalrous, and thoughtful when reaching out to me. I am the perfect dream girl for the perfect gentleman - but don’t just read about it, experience it for yourself. Don't keep me waiting... X O X O
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  • 1 HR
    Same rate for Outcall in NJ
  • 1.5 HR
    Minimum for New Clientele
  • 2 HR
  • 3 HR
    Longer engagements available


  • 1.5 HR
    Minimum for PA/NYC (1 HR not available) - Gas+Travel Fees Included | **NYC dates outcall ONLY
  • 2 HR
  • 3 HR
    Longer engagements available


Please be sure to keep emails clear and respectful - explicit or vulgar emails will be deleted; this includes one worded emails such as "Hey" or "U up?". Priority is given to those who FULLY complete the booking form. Inability to do so may result in your email being ignored.
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My booking form is the quickest way you can contact and book an appointment with me! However if you would prefer to email me please use the copy-and-paste form located below: Please introduce yourself and include the following: Full name * : Age * : Personal Phone and Email (email will be used to contact you) * : In your introduction you may include forum handles (PrivateDelights, p411, etc), date ideas, requests, etc * : Appt Details such as preferred duration, date, time and location * : Employment Information such as: LinkedIn/Professional Website, Work Phone and Email * : References if any - this does not replace full screening: * - required information; should your booking form be incomplete or incorrect I will ignore it without warning. Thank you!

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