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    Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
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    Male, Couples
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    Female (she)
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  • Height
    166 cm / 5′ 5″
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    Dec 5, 2019

About Gabriella May

So you came to see what I’m all about. You could call me a trailblazer of some sort, embedding a positive image of self love and confidence within the realm of sex work. I love embracing my latin inherited curves, soft natural breasts and my old soul. Being comfortable in my own skin deeply empowers me. The reason I chose high class companionship is to create good vibrations around me and put a smile on your face when I enter and leave the room, my whole being embraces good entities and I sure do like exploring different heights of enlightenment with conversation and sex. As I am currently studying in the health industry, it has given me an insight on how to take care of my body which is a fundamental priority to me, many gentlemen have complimented yours truly on her impeccable appearance. Looks wise, My sun kissed skin is soft to the touch. My hourglass figure looks absolutely stunning in a tight little number that contours my bum like you wouldn’t believe. My love struck hazel doe eyes will leave you in a trance. My aura shines bright with my charisma for life and adventure. I’m one to love the simple things in life. You can find me learning, researching and practicing spirituality or sitting at the beach with good food and friends....but I am very grateful to experience the finer things in life too. An ideal evening for me would be a night out in the town; visiting art exhibitions, eating amazing wholesome food and enjoying each other’s company or maybe a weekend rendezvous away somewhere exciting. Just you and I within our own serenity. My consideration towards others shines bright, I always aim to make the environment as comfortable as possible for you when I enter the room. All those nerves flush away as I am easy to connect with, I will tell you my favourite crude jokes to brighten up your day, I’ll sit on your lap and listen to your favourite stories and pastimes you’d like to tell me. We will cuddle up closely next to one another and listen to our favourite music together...I’m here for all of it. I seek to grow trust and connection with my clients as time goes on, prioritising with my client about their needs and fantasies prior to upon meeting with each other is vital for me. Now lets talk about the fun stuff shall we? Being a hedonist comes with all its sexual glory and experiences. Ive grown to know my body better over the years with what it wants and what it likes My sexual agenda goes both ways. I love to play with men and women. I absolutely enjoy playing with couples and enlightening their minds to new places of pleasure, making everyone feel included. Being the sweet girl next door is my forte but erotic is what I crave in the bedroom. I absolutely adore those sensual, heated kisses down from my lips to my neck. I love my butt being caressed, grabbed and spanked like its all yours, touching every inch of my body and learning my curves and edges. This will surely soak my panties.....I’m sure you’d like to see that won’t you? I do offer alternative services to my Girlfriend Experience. Role play, requested or preferred outfits, Submissive/Dom Play and experimenting with all sorts of toys....if you’d like to learn more about these services you can enquire via contact methods that are available to you. Let’s create some amazing memories together so you can get to know me. I want to be the one that’s on your mind.....all the time. I look forward to meeting you. M I S S G A B R I E L L A M A Y XX. *INFORMATION FOR CLIENTS. Deposits and screening protocol is a important part of my booking process. Fail to provide both will deem you as incompetent for bookings with yours truly.
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  • 1 hour - The companion experience.
    Unwind with me as we take a hot shower together, and create chemistry between the sheets.
  • 1 hour - The couples experience
    Let’s create a special experience, with sensory play, toys and sexual energy.
  • 1 hour - The erotic experience
    Let’s get kinky. I love experiencing bdsm, sensory play and role play
  • 2 hours - The Companion Experience
    Unwind with me as we take a hot shower together, and create chemistry between the sheets.


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Prior to bookings needing to be confirmed. Please text or email your: Name: Age: Time: Address: Deposit is required ($50.00- $100.00) for pre bookings and long distance.

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