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Freya Fantasia

Exceeding Expectations!

NEW LOW RATES FOR TOUR CITIES!!! Hello Gentlemen, My name is Freya Fantasia. I love what I do, and I think you will too! I have always felt that this can be a noble profession. In the very least, it’s fun, compassionate, and victimless, despite the medias best efforts to turn this into something ugly. I’ll do this because I want to. Not because I have to. I graduated college with honors and worked at a job that I loved and I made good money. But I have a passion for this work. I have been doing this for a long time, for more than 10 years. I have excellent reviews, which I contribute to the fact that I love to have fun, to surprise you, and to exceed your expectations! I also love my job because I am very particular about new clients. If there is any red flag at all during the screening process, then there will be in no meeting. I guess you could say I’ve been very spoiled by having good clients and now I don’t settle for any less than that. If you have any questions about what I’m looking for, you can read my etiquette and screening page on my website. Prepaid rates: 450/600/800 Deposit plus cash 550/700/900 DEPOSIT: I will be asking for a deposit or a discounted pre-payment from all first time visitors except for P411 or Rs2K members, and from everybody on tour even returning clients and P411 members. Returning clients do not have to pay a deposit in Chicago area, but most choose to pre-pay for the discount. DISCOUNTS: *Additional discount available for all returning clients, P411 members with 2+ Okays, birthdays within 30 days, military and firefighters: 1H Discount: none 1.5H Discount: $50 2H + Discount: $100 PORN: You can find my porn online. Search for my name on Clips4sale Or Google. Please excuse my overacting! It embarrasses me and I don’t even like to mention it, but so many people seem to be impressed by the fact that I’ve done porn and excited to be able to watch it prior to meeting with me. Just know, I’m more natural in person. But I do like to show off for a camera and you are welcome to bring yours and take photos and videos at no extra charge. Here are a few entertainment ideas: -gfe -bdsm -Role-playing -tantra -dinner off the clock when you book 2 hours or longer -couples at no extra charge -porn (Search Google or clips4sale for Freya Fantasia) -Photos and videos for your personal use at no extra charge Don’t let the extra options intimidate you if you’re a simple guy. By far most of my meetings are traditional. Text me for a quick reply and complete an appointment request form on my website to book your appointment. If you want a same day or next day appointment, especially if I’m on tour, send a text in addition to completing the appointment request form if you can. I don’t get through all of my messages every day. Thank you so much, Freya Fantasia

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Chicago, Illinois, United States
Caters to
Men, Women, Non-binary, and Couples
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Woman (she)
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170 / 5'7"
Mostly German
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I’m usually available between 11 AM (10 am sometimes) and 10 PM. You can contact me anytime. I don’t let my phone wake me up when I’m sleeping. I usually do not do same day appointments, and my tour cities often fill up before I arrive so please pre-book if you’d like to get together. Thanks so much for reading all of this information. I hope I’ll see you soon!

Tour Schedule

Pre-booking is recommended. Replies to inquires might take 2 or 3 days on tour. Either a deposit or discounted pre-payment is required. Please check my reviews (review page and links on my website). I like to leave happy and satisfied people behind in cities I have toured! I would never keep a deposit or pre-payment that wasn’t mine to keep and risk damaging my reputation. Please complete an appointment request form on my website and my assistant will help you with screening, booking, and availability. Thank you so much! Freya Fantasia

Dallas, TX, USJul 14–16
Limited availability
Albany, NY, USAug 12–13
Boston, MA, USAug 14–17
Dayton, OH, USAug 22–23
Atlanta, GA, USSep 11–14


1 hour US$450

Prepaid 450, Cash 550

1.5 hours US$600

600 if prepaid, or 700 cash

2 hoursUS$800

800 if prepaid, or 900 cash in person

Dinner off the clock +2 hoursUS$850

800 prepaid or 900 cash


1.5H minimum US$650

650 pre-paid, or 750 cash in person, + parking

Two hoursUS$850

850 if prepaid, or 950 cash in person + parking

Dinner off the clock +2 hoursUS$850

850 if prepaid, or 950 cash upon arrival, + parking

Overnight, 14 hours, includes sleepUS$2,025

2025 If pre-paid, 2500 upon arrival


1 hour (when available)US$450

450 if prepaid or 550 deposit plus cash in person

1.5 H US$600

600 prepaid or 700 deposit plus cash in person

Two hoursUS$800

800 prepaid or 900 deposit plus cash in person



Deposit or prepayment will be required from all first time visitors in Chicago (P411 members exempt). Deposits or pre-payments will be required from everybody on tour. There is a $100 discount for anybody who prepays in full. All returning clients and P411 members with 2+ okays are eligible for a discount of $50 off 90 minutes or $100 off two hours or longer! Payments can be made on Venmo, Cash app, Zelle, or in some cases with an Amazon Egift card. Please don’t pay anything until I ask you to. Thank you!


Deposits and pre-payments will be forfeited if you cancel. I try to reschedule whenever possible so you don’t lose your payment but on tour that’s often not possible. If I need to cancel, or if I’m more than 30 minutes late, I will give you the option of rescheduling if possible, or I will refund your money immediately usually, but in no less than 10 days when extra time is required. Cancellations within four hours will incur the cost of one hour, $450.

Please email or text. I don’t answer the phone.

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