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Hi there! I'm River. I have an insatiable appetite for adventure, a flattering flair for curating fascinating conversations and igniting once in a lifetime experiences… Quite cliché, I went to a Catholic all girls high school where the pressures to be a certain kind of "respectable" woman were impressed. I was allowed to pursue my many passions. I’m fluent in three languages, a classical trained singer, dancer, spirited writer and actress. But under this good girl façade, I have this smoldering hunger... Through my travels, I began to let go of the shame so many woman face. I allowed myself to receive what I actually desired underneath the surface. And what I deeply desire is ecstatic connection. I yearn for the rush of electricity when a pair of warm eyes finally meet mine and a gentle touch reveals the shining truth of who we really are… In addition to being a creative artist… I’m a passionate and experienced sex coach in all things love, intimacy and relationships. What a combo, right? I pride myself on being not just approachable, but also an empathic listener- hmmm does that have sexy ring? I truly believe that this is the essential foundation for an amazing connection… my ethos is to treat every human I meet as the brilliant, courageous beings that we all are. I am committed that we are not walking around burnt out, empty with shame, but instead our cups are full, juicy and free to express and grant ourselves and others our fullest potential! You should also know… I’m a huge foodie. I exhilarate at a carefully curated menu and have a knack of finding the best spots! You can find me throwing my hands up at a concert and being the first one down on the dance floor... I’m also a fan of hugs, travel, meditation and hot yoga. Dark, single-origin hot chocolate is my game. Please note: I offer my undivided attention and presence to those who are kind, considerate and seeking the best in exclusive, discreet, elegant companionship and mutual exploration. I'm following all recommended safety protocols and in my commitment to health/wellness, please know I am limiting my presence to a select few. However, don’t be discouraged or shy! Please review my etiquette and then send along a brief hello and bit about you! The best way to introduce yourself/request time together is to fill out my website form with as much detail as possible. Promise I’ll reply back soon with a smile! xoxo Still reading? You deserve many gold stars! Likes: - receiving massages (sometimes I'm shy to ask, offer me!) - receiving single-origin chocolate (bonus points if 80-100%) - someone who reads my website in full, hot! - someone who asks me how my day is going and what I'm passionate about lately.... and then listens with very little commentary/judgement/opinion, HOT! xoxo

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I'm quite flexible- and so is my schedule ;) Please note: I prefer to meet during reasonable hours, I don’t take appointments after 9pm except in NYC or EST timezone xx



Book here www.exp-river.com


Book here www.exp-river.com


Book here www.exp-river.com


Book here www.exp-river.com


Book here www.exp-river.com

12H (overnight) US$4,500

Please note: 10pm Bedtime/ 7H Sleep minimum

40H (weekend)US$13,000

Two night stay includes all my own travel expenses



I request a reasonable 25% deposit in order to secure our appointment time. Please note that the appointment is not set until the deposit is secure. Cash App/Venmo/Amazon gift cards are accepted. I’ll send along my handle after you submit your form and screening is complete. Privacy concerns? No worries! Visit your local grocery, drug or convenience store and you can purchase an Amazon Gift Card in cash. Just send along screenshot of back of card and you are all set! A 5-10 minute errand can go a long way to demonstrate respect for my time…


I ask you please respect my time and I understand life comes up - I have a generous 6H cancellation policy with if we need to reschedule reasonably we can push deposit otherwise, no shows forfeit their deposit and may not be prioritized for a response back from me. I appreciate those that make the effort to respect my time.


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