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About Estelle Lucas

My name is Estelle Lucas, a private 27-year-old escort residing in Melbourne. I'm revered as one of the world's finest escorts. I offer an experience like no other, an experience tailored for you and only you.

I greet everyone as though they're an old friend. When people see me they're struck by my darling smile, my Bambi brown eyes and my tiny yet sultry figure. My eyes are my best features, Middle-Eastern, the darkest of browns, framed by fluttering eyelashes. My face is tiny and delicate with enormous features that stun to the sight. I beam with a Cheshire smile, a cheeky grin or a bashful smirk. My lips are parted and sweet; my nose is cute as a button; my eyes are yearning and adoring; my expression is angelic and youthful.

I have a slight figure, I'm limber and draped with curves. My perky breasts sit high on my chest, a full, natural handful size and they bounce with each step. My skin, creamy and velvet like, is soft and smooth to touch. At size 8 I'm the perfect size - supple yet womanly in figure and at 5'6 not too tall or short. I make my entrance with a beautiful dress, high-heels and styled hair and carry my joy with me where ever I go. I look like the girl next door – pretty and charming but behind closed doors…

Intimacy, affection, companionship and sexuality is second nature to me. I love what I do, I value human connection deeply and I'm here because I want to be here. I'm a woman who is fully embodied within her femininity and sexual nature, it bring me great joy to share this with you. I believe every experience is unique and being highly exclusive means I am incredibly attentive to your needs. I'm one of Australia's most reputable escorts and as such I have an exceptional review rate - all positive and all written by clients with smiles on their faces. These are the lucky few who regard me the best escort in Melbourne. It's been their secret. Until now.

I believe encounters can't be framed through a service list and for this reason what I offer is all-inclusive. There are no boundaries with me. An encounter with me is special and to be treasured, I blend my skills as a GFE/PSE escort to provide a dignified and genuine experience matched by none. Being incredibly intuitive and acute I have an uncanny ability to feel into people and I customise my services to fit into what you need. Time with me is unrushed and smooth, I'll be with you until I feel both you and I are satisfied with our date. My sexual confidence is sleek and my willingness to serve is what makes me authentic.

My character leaves an impression. With me you'll find a high-spirited personality that is fun-loving, charismatic and friendly. My laid-back attitude ensures interactions are easy and natural whilst my professional ethics ensure I am at my very best and impressive. I am fearless, acute and loving, more intelligent than I appear and in many ways I am undefinable. One taste of my inner climate and you'll be addicted. Having travelled the world and completed my bachelors, I have no trouble starting or keeping up with stimulating conversations. In my free time I continuously embark in independent study and do yoga 5 times a week.

If you'd like to learn more about me I suggest taking the time to explore my website or social media accounts, where you'll take a glimpse into who I am!

I'm a fan of couples and women and my unchanged rates reflect this. I hold no judgements towards sexuality and am happy seeing any number of parties of any number of genders. For a truly indulgent experience, I offer genuine bi-double experience with girlfriend and partner in crime Isabelle Fox. With us you'll receive a substantial, unrushed service that will have you begging for more,

Until then,

Estelle Lucas



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Ready set jet!

I hear my named being called to the lovely Brisbane to reunite with old lovers and meet new. Take me dinner and we can share stories of our lives, our woes and our wishes. Connect with me behind closed doors where I am safe to surrender my femininity to you. Get in contact soon as I have limited availability.

With much love,


  • Brisbane, Australia
    12th November to 15th November
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I'm am available only two weeks of the month due to health limitations. If you contact me, and I don't reply for a week, it's because of me! Please be patient and be assured I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

I prefer a minimum of 24 hours notice. I understand if this is not always possible – if this is the case please SMS me.

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I only wish to be in the company of those gentlemen who can appreciate a sophisticated and elegant companion. And I too want to be in the company of discerning, respectful gentlemen that understand how to host a lady of my class. I am very selective with my clientele. Please take your time to introduce yourself to me as I have made the effort to introduce myself to you. Please add your name, age, length of booking, date, time and location of booking - as well as a bit about yourself.

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