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    Melbourne, Australia
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    165 cm / 5′ 4″
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    Male, Female, Couples
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About Estelle Lucas

I am Estelle Lucas and I am here to explore intimacy with you. For you, I appear unknown, yet familiar, for I am the feminine to balance your masculine and the other to discover your unexplored. I am your counterpart; your accomplice and I bring to life your deepest desires. I consider my time a work of art.

I fully embody my femininity and express this with each action. From the way I walk heart leading, to the way I listen and hear what you truly have to say. I commit myself to expressing my femininity and I surrender this expression to you.

I’ve dedicated my years to shaping and refining into the perfect woman that I can be. I offer an opportunity for you to discover how this can colour your life and kindle your soul. Beauty is an integrity I cannot be without and you cannot help but fixate on.

Watching me, you’ll see just how much I adore sharing my grace and you’ll find a state of ease drawn from you. I radiate presence and comfort with every touch, glance and exchange. There is never a dull moment with me. My experience as a woman is extensive, my intuition deep, and I release each variation in response to what you need. I am the wild one, the insatiable lover, the nurturing confidant, the insightful consort, the loving girlfriend, the private escort and the audacious companion. I’ve lived my years, and share this, in full.

In person I carry a joyous expression, cutting-edge cheekbones, curious lips and eyes so wide you’ll be lost in them for days. I’m responsive to touch and I yearn toward it the way a flower does to the sun. My frame fits to you exactly like the final jigsaw piece in a puzzle. I crave for my body to be touched, to feel hands fit perfectly around my breast, to allow moans escape my breath. And to return the favour.

As one of Australia’s elite escorts, I’m well-regarded as the independent escort of high class. You don’t have to search far to discover why my reputation proceeds me and I invite you see why I’m not just another Melbourne escort. My history is impeccable and exceptional – for this reason I am regarded as one of the best escorts in Australia and Melbourne.

I offer two experiences to cater to your needs, either my Sweet-Stelle, the girl you’ve always dreamed about or my Sin-Stelle, a dynamic accomplice to explore your deepest sexual desires. There is nothing I can’t do. You aren’t considered Australia’s top escort without good reason. Time with me is unrushed and smooth, my main priority is always your satisfaction and our pleasure.

I adore couples and woman and my unchanged rates reflect this. I hold no judgement towards sexuality and am happy seeing any number of parties of any number of genders.

I eagerly await to share with you all that I can do and show,

Until then,
Estelle Lucas



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  • 4 hour dinner date
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  • 4 hour dinner date
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I'm am available only two weeks of the month due to health limitations. If you contact me, and I don't reply for a week, it's because of me! Please be patient and be assured I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

I prefer a minimum of 24 hours notice. I understand if this is not always possible – if this is the case please SMS me.

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Please note that SMS is my preferred contact method.

I only wish to be in the company of those gentlemen who can appreciate a sophisticated and elegant companion. And I too want to be in the company of discerning, respectful gentlemen that understand how to host a lady of my class. I am very selective with my clientele. Please take your time to introduce yourself to me as I have made the effort to introduce myself to you. Please add your name, age, length of booking, date, time and location of booking - as well as a bit about yourself.

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