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  • Based in
    Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
  • Caters to
    Male, Female, Couples
  • Gender
    Female (she)
  • Age
  • Body type
    Slim with curves
  • Height
    168 cm / 5′ 6″
  • Cup size
  • Hair colour
  • Shoe size
  • Eye colour
  • License
    SWA 10925XE
  • Last activity
    Jul 8, 2020

About Estelle Leon

*Due to the reimposed lockdown in VIC I will be postponing my return. Stay safe and healthy out there! See you on the other side!* Hello and welcome, my name is Estelle Leon, a Melbourne based escort and intimate companion. Sultry, sensual, sexy and sophisticated - your ultimate femme fatale. Would you let me draw you in with my dark luscious curls that brush my jaw line...or my wild green eyes that gaze upon you with intrigue?.. can you read my scarlet painted lips?.. how does it feel to surrender under my touch?.. I revel in getting to know someone; to draw out those moments of erotic anticipation. Please indulge me in your passions, I'm a very good listener. With a glass of wine in hand, I love nothing more than delving into discussions, sharing in the depth and breadth of human experience, and whiling away the night hours. I value meaningful connection and human intimacy, evident in the honest love for the work I do. Affectionate, playful and charming, you'll feel completely as ease in my presence. A worldly and educated woman, when we meet, you'll find me nothing less than genuine and engaging, completely present in your company. I hold a deep curiosity for human sexuality. I love uncovering the quirks and kinks, the little sensual details... A hedonist myself, I seek pleasure for pleasures sake. But don't be fooled, underneath my sexual prowess, is an utter romantic, who lives to connect through head and heart. Are you interested in some intimate one on one time? Tossing around in the sheets in thrilling passion? A ménage à trois perhaps? A dinner date to indulge yourself twofold? I also make sumptuous company for an overnight stay, snuggled in warm and tender. Or maybe you would like someone to explore with, to guide you through some new experiences... I delight in beauty, and you will find me always immaculately dressed and groomed. Often clad in elegant and chic Melbourne black. Looking forward to meeting you, Until then xx
Photo of Estelle LeonPhoto of Estelle LeonPhoto of Estelle LeonPhoto of Estelle LeonPhoto of Estelle LeonPhoto of Estelle LeonPhoto of Estelle LeonPhoto of Estelle LeonPhoto of Estelle LeonPhoto of Estelle LeonPhoto of Estelle LeonPhoto of Estelle LeonPhoto of Estelle LeonPhoto of Estelle LeonPhoto of Estelle LeonPhoto of Estelle Leon



    Additional Hours
  • Duos with another escort
    Per hour
  • Girlfriend Experience
    Simple Romantic Intimacy - 1 hour
  • Estelle Leon Experience
    Inclusive of most services - 1 hour
  • Couples
    1 hour / $1500 2 hours
  • Girlfriend Experience
    Simple Romantic Intimacy - 2 hours
  • Estelle Leon Experience
    Inclusive of most services - 2 hours
  • Dinner Date
    2 hours social, 2 hours private,
  • Overnight
    12 hours, 6 hours sleep


Pre-bookings are encouraged as my schedule fills up and are the best way to secure our time. Don't hesitate however to get in contact for short notice bookings on the off chance I am available. A small deposit is required for longer bookings and bookings while touring. NOTES ON RATES: Girlfriend Experience: A romantic, affectionate, warm encounter with a true sensualist. Includes cuddles and laughs, drinking wine and rolling around in the sheets. I whisper in your ear, unbutton your shirt. You watch my wild green eyes move over you. Simple and unforgettable intimacy. No strings attached girlfriend by the hour. The Estelle Leon Experience: I am in my element riding that in-between of power, dominance, seduction and sensuality. Estelle may be your kinky girlfriend, your playful switch, your expert in sensual domination and tease. An encounter that is both hedonistic and romantic, exuberant yet intimate.​ For those wanting to explore our bodies and our minds, I offer our time unrestrained by strict boundaries, a safe space for pleasure and exploration. This rate is inclusive of most services *Social dates could be anything from dinner, cocktails at a bar, a show, the theatre, a gig, a trip to the gallery, a long walk through the botanical gardens etc. Feel free to get creative :) Additionally: I welcome clients of all ages (18+), gender, background and persuasion. I only discriminate on the basis of manners. Only protected services are provided. I am a strong advocate for safe sex practices and enthusiastic consent. Women and non-binary clients welcome to contact me for special rates
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Your Name: Contact number: Location of booking: Date, time and duration of booking: Type of booking and any special requests: Xx Private and unscheduled calls will not be answered. Discussion of bookings over a phone call may be possible if you text beforehand to arrange a convenient time.

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