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Elle Sutton

Your Bucket List Redhead

📹See my in motion on my website: ellesutton.com/home (No 'add video' option on tryst yet)📹 Your bucket list redhead here to be your adventure ❤️Available outside of travel dates in all boroughs of NYC + nearby North New Jersey. —————- Bucket lists are fun, but there’s an issue with them: People focus primarily on their ‘once in a lifetime’ experiences, but I think it’s just as essential to pursue a life that makes you feel alive right now: •Why wait to feel inspired, electrified, and awestruck until you're under the Northern Lights? •Why wait to feel held and supported, till you’ve found your soulmate ? •Why wait to feel fully alive till you've retired? Isn't it time you had an agenda of escapades that thrilled you, with people that make you feel energized: like a curious redhead with a personality as fiery as her hair? Not just rich auburn locks, but an all-natural slim and toned body that looks as amazing in your sweatpants as it does in a gown at your business gala; I’m the ultimate explorer who loves creating memories together in and out of hotel rooms. After a tiring day of meetings on a work trip, I’ll wait at your bedside wearing just a smile to greet you. You and I could spend a half-day on a Tuesday visiting an amusement park, laughing, and feeling like kids again. Other days, we’ll take on food tours and secret speakeasies, plus a tour of my curves. No matter what adventure we get up to, our dates will be bucket list items you’ll want to check off again and again. A few of my favorite things: -------------------------------- •80's tv shows •Food tours (both abroad and locally!) •Cuddles. So, so many cuddles (Especially wearing your tshirt) •Both tourist traps and under-the-radar-spots equally •A good cocktail •Traveling by train •Bubble baths for two •Water parks •Board games •Everything horror themed Newsletter to keep updated: https://tinyurl.com/ESloveletters

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Jersey City, New Jersey, United States
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Men, Women, Non-binary, and Couples
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Woman (she)
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165 / 5'5"
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Availability varies week to week! I’m also very choosy and am primarily a dining and travel type companion. I choose to keep my circle small, and only see a few suitors per month so do book ahead of time to make sure we'll be able to see each other!

Tour Schedule

Dates are often flexible! If you see dates I'm visiting your city that you're not available, feel free to check for bordering dates that you are/other dates in the month! I'm often able to move things around to make it work :) Not available at all around those times but still want to see me? I'm available for "fly/train-me-to-you" travel dates :) For home base availability: NYC, Jersey City/surrounding 😊

Available solo or as a duo with Arielle Ivy
Available solo or as a duo with Arielle Ivy
Chicago, IL, USAug 13–15
available solo or for duos with Arielle Ivy


30 minutes of sextingUS$250

Gaming date (2 hours)US$300

Up to 2 hour virtual Movie date US$400


✈️ (biz trip accompany, vacay, etcUS$100,000


2+ dayUS$100,000


24 hours (25% deposit required)US$7,000

Overnight (25% deposit required)US$4,500

3 hr (25% deposit)US$2,500

2 hr (25% deposit required)US$2,100

1.5 hr (25% deposit required)US$1,700


✈️ (biz trip accompany, vacay, etcUS$100,000

CUSTOM RATE depending on dates, place, activities planned, solo/duo etc

2+ dayUS$100,000

CUSTOM RATE depending on dates, place, activities planned, solo/duo etc

24 hours, (25% deposit)US$6,500

What we do is up to us, it’s time to get bold and curious.

Overnight (25% deposit)US$4,000

Enough time to fully get to know each other- breakfast in bed, a day at the museums, night at a Michelin before truly seeing each other, and being awoken to the sunlight streaming on my curves.

3 hour dinner date (25% deposit)US$2,000

Let’s plan out something really special- a few hours at the spa before brunch, checking out the local farmers market before a hike or a day at the theater. No matter what we do, we’ll have as much fun outdoors as we do in.

2 hr (25% deposit required)US$1,600

1.5 hour (25% deposit required)US$1,200

An amazing beginning



A 25% non refundable deposit is required to schedule a local or touring booking, and incall dates require an additional 400 added to the deposit. Travel bookings require a 50% deposit plus travel expenses added to deposit.


Sessions cancelled within 48 hours of the engagement will incur a 100% cancellation fee. If we have a duo scheduled and my duo partner cancels within 48 hours and you choose not to (re)schedule with either just me, another duo partner, or the same at another date, a 100% cancellation fee is incurred. Travel dates of either sponsor-a-tour or FMTY need a minimum of 2 week’s cancellation and will have the deposit held for a future engagement within 2 months. Cancellation of travel dates within 1 week requires a 50% cancelation fee, and within 5 days require a 100% cancellation fee. In the event of a ‘no-show’, a 100% cancellation fee is required. No further reschedule/rebooking with me will be accepted if you refuse to uphold my cancellation policy. In the extremely rare event that I need to cancel for some reason, you will receive your full deposit back (if you don't wish to reschedule) along with a sincere apology.


Required Screening Information- email esassistant@protonmail.com with- 1.Your full legal name and age. 2.Your home city 3.Where/when you’re hoping to see me (date and time? city? Hotel of your choice or something I book?) 4.How long of an engagement you’d like 5.Picture of you holding your legal id 6.Links to the websites/ads of at least 2 companion reference you’ve seen in the last 3 months, so I may contact them for reference. 7.If not #6, your employment info – Employer Name, Your Position/Title, Company Website, Main Telephone Line, Your Direct Line, your LinkedIn url and a valid reason for calling. 8.What payment method you’ll be using for your engagement deposit fee (I accept Google Pay, crypto and Cash App) 9.A bit about yourself! What do you think is important for me to know about you? Remember to keep your message sfw/completely appropriate, or it will be ignored. Make sure you answer fully! Verification/screening/deposits are mandatory if you’d like to see me.I look forward to beginning something beautiful together.

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