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  • Based in
    Seattle, Washington, United States
  • Caters to
  • Gender
    Female (she)
  • Age
  • Body type
    Voluptuous Shorty
  • Height
    151 cm / 4′ 11″
  • Ethnicity
    American-born Chinese
  • Cup size
  • Hair colour
  • Shoe size
  • Eye colour
  • Last activity
    Mar 14, 2020

About DJ SnarklePony

I’m your Stunt Wife - getting in the action - so your Hero Wife can be ready for her close up and deliver her lines day in, day out. I’m your Surrogate Girlfriend. Because she’s perfect in every way but one, I agree it’s not worth ending it over that. Let’s both keep her happy. I’m educated, polished, cultured, and versatile in many ways without taking myself too seriously. I’m like an onion and this is the paper skin you discard. Peel back my layers or cut right through them. Put me in everything you make, you can’t imagine your favorite dish without me. My ass will make you cry. FMTY! Passport ready, I’ve recently had the privilege to visit NYC, Hong Kong, Las Vegas, and Hawaii as a resourceful and exciting travel companion. All I want to do is spark joy and hold space for our most private moments. I can introduce you to The Curve, put you in The Saddle, we could play Operation, or bake a cake. Infinite Possibilities! My hobbies are collecting hobbies and collections. Life is short. I am loathe to waste it on what does not spark joy for me. Where I put my energy and attention is my choice and my gift for those who encounter me. Little things go a long way with me. I put great effort into anticipating the varied needs of my clients. When you cross the threshold into my space you will understand. I have every comfort that I would want for myself and offer all of these for you. I find great satisfaction in introducing people to life’s small pleasures and being present in the moment we take to enjoy them together. I have 2 private incall locations - Downtown Seattle & Olympia. Let’s interact on social media - I’m on Twitter and Instagram sharing my latest obsession @djsnarklepony.
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  • One Hour Escape
  • 90 min First Date


  • Social Date
    AMA - Ask Me Anything! Interview Before Investment
  • 90 mins (minimum outcall booking)


Most weekdays I can be found In Seattle - early mornings, lunch hour, and after dinner drinks. Most weekends I escape to the quiet life in Olympia.
  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday


Please take a moment to decide on the the following details and have them ready for your booking inquiry: 1. Date - If you are flexible please include a range of dates 2. Time - Providing a window of time vs. a set time lets me know that you are flexible and results in higher likelihood of our common availability 3. Location - Incall - Seattle or Olympia? Outcall - please include address. 4. Duration - How long can we expect to be together?

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