Cobalt Cardinal

Cobalt Cardinal

Tattooed, curvy & sassy

I love men of all shapes, colors & sizes! Being tattooed, single, sassy and thick is awesome; I love my body and I think you will too. Please TEXT, rather than call me. I'm a stickler for SAFETY, so when in the car, I wear a seatbelt. When on a bike, I have a helmet. Condoms keep me company because I like to be safe. If you prefer unsafe cycling or bedding, please chose another companion. I make no exceptions, dear sir, thank you for asking. NO BAREBACK. Greek okay for an additional $100 added to your session fee. I’m ready to try it with a safe partner. ‪ I got into online content creation because I’m good at it! I always made sexy videos for past boyfriends, to help make the heart grow fonder in absences. Even if it was just a day when our work schedules weren’t in synch, I’d send sexy pics and naughty vids. I get off on it! And my past boyfriends have gotten on me more because of it. OnlyFans is my preferred site for online content. When I turned 30, I got my first tattoo. Can you believe the very first tattoo was my green sun around my left nipple? The tattoo artist asked me about the placement, and I told him that I wanted my nipple to be a design element. After that, I was hooked. I’m always on the hunt for my next tattoo. When I’m your companion, you can trust that I’ll be completely attentive to your needs. My long-term business goal is to become your favorite play partner! Your adherence to my screening process allows me to feel comfortable meeting with you. I have not, nor will I ever, reveal a client’s personal information for any reason. Thanks for understanding. I’m excited to see where this Tryst will take me. Thanks for reading all the way to the end, ask me anything!

Based in
Overland Park, Kansas, United States
Caters to
Men, Non-binary, and Couples
Woman (she)
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Body Type
Thick and juicy
162 / 5'4"
Cup Size
Hair Colour
Shoe Size
Eye Colour



6 am to 9 pm Central Timezone ‪(913) 276-0695


Daily sexting and photo packageUS$320

DAILY 15-minute texting sessions for one week

Sexting and photo package US$100

THREE 15-minute texting sessions for one week

FaceTime call 30 minutes US$120

Schedule a personal vid session, call me at our appointment for 100% private session. Please don’t FaceTime early as I need time to get ready for you!


30 minute US$380

convenient companion

60 minute US$480

a favorite for weekly dates

90 minute US$650

preferred for new clients

Lunch/Dinner date (4 hours)US$1,400

Overnight (12 hours)US$3,000



I require a 30% deposit for all appointments. Please prepare to book with me via Venmo.


If you cancel our confirmed date with less than 48 hours, I will gladly reschedule our date for another time in the near future. If you cancel our confirmed date with less than 24 hours, I will keep the deposit as a tip. If you are not feeling well (due to the covid-19 pandemic), I will waive your cancellation and save your deposit for our rescheduled date. If I cancel our date due to an emergency or last-minute problem, I will refund your deposit as soon as possible.

I cannot wait connect with you on Tryst! Please allow me 24 hours to respond to you! I cannot do same-day-dating. Plan your date with me, I have a fairly flexible schedule so I will work to accommodate you. ‪(913) 276-0695

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You continue to send the most wonderful new-to-companionship clients my way. They are polite, adhere to my strict verification protocols, and do not flake. It seems like you're the first point of entry for a lot of men, and I love it.

September 2021 | via Twitter

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