Clara O.

London, UK Woman (she)

Clara O.

Sophisticated and spicy Latina

Olá (yet) stranger and I am pleased that my profile caught your eyes. My name is Clara, the perfect GFE in the form of a super sexy Brazilian, currently in London, with an extremely cheerful and positive personality and a penchant for the finest things in life, yet with my feet on the ground and a very down-to-earth approach. I am sensual, skilfull, tactful,extremely polite and well-versed in arts, literature, music, tourism, fine foods, drinks, philosophy and all things spiritual and holistic (do not fret though, as I will not chant any mantra or start meditating with you, unless you wish to!). I am also fluent in English so rest assured that I will not only understand you... You will also understand me through and through. Meeting me is a mix of smiles (and laughs as I can be goofy if you make me comfortable enough for that), lots of flirting, touch, caring and, why not, love and healing. I do believe in the power of love as a healing tool for our energies and souls and if we match enough to meet in person (I always prioritize a talk over the phone so I can feel our vibe) I want you to feel at ease, relaxed and knowing that our time is precious as well as you are. You are 200% my priority during our encounter. Did I mention how fluent I am in English? I also fluently speak Spanish and, if that is your language of preference, you will be delighted to hear a Brazilian talking like an Argentinian citizen (and the reason for that is a story to be told once we meet as well). Please get in touch so we can discuss our time together soon... I will love to hear your voice and meet you in person in my sizzling London once you are around.

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London, United Kingdom
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Men, Women, Non-binary, and Couples
Woman (she)
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Fit / Athletic / Toned
170 / 5'7"
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I am mostly available from 10am to 9pm (finishing at 10pm) from Monday to Friday, however these timings are not set in stone so please call me for arrangements. For weekend meetings please phone me in advance (still during the week) due to my personal schedule. All weekend bookings need to be secured through a 50% bank deposit in advance, in order to prevent timewasters.


1 hour£220

2 hours£400

3 hours (Coffee Date)£620

1.5 hour of social time and 1.5 hour of private time

4 hours (Lunch / Dinner Date)£800

2 hours of social time and 2 hours of private time

5 hours (Lunch / Dinner Date)£1,000

2.5 hours of social time and 2.5 hours of private time

Overnight (with dinner date)£2,000

At least 48 hours notice is needed for this booking. 12 hours date starting between 7-9pm and finishing between 7-9am next morning


2 hours£600

3 hours (Lunch / Dinner Date)£960

1.5 hours of social time and 1.5 hours of private time

4 hours (Lunch / Dinner Date)£1,280

2 hours of social time and 2 hours of private time

5 hours (Lunch / Dinner Date)£1,600

2.5 hours of social time and 2.5 hours of private time

Overnight (with dinner date)£3,000

At least 48 hours notice is needed for this booking. 12 hours date starting between 7-9pm and finishing between 7-9am next morning



INCALLS -> I only accept cash and bank transfers are accepted only from trusted and verified regulars, with proper time in advance, at least 4 hours prior to the meeting. OUTCALLS -> As safety is always first for me, they are absolutely under discretion and I do so under the circumstances below: 1- For very selected clients (aka: very trusted and screened regulars); 2- In case you are contacting me for the first time: a) Please give me a call with at least 72 hours in advance from your desired date and time, so we can briefly chat about your wishes. All outcalls are for a minimum of 2 hours (overnights are 12 hours tops, with dinner and sleep time included); b) Once we agree upon a meeting, provided that it is held in a 4 or 5 star hotel, as well as confirmation by myself of your proper information for screening (please always keep in mind that your personal information is always treated with utmost privacy, respect and confidentiality, as I am requested for meetings with prominent and VIP/VVIP individuals on a frequent basis), a bank transfer of 50% of my total outcall fee will be required in order to attest the legitimacy of your booking and to secure it. Once everything is properly processed, I will quickly get back to you also confirming the receipt and I will be more than happy to meet you at your venue at the agreed date and time and receive the remaining fee amount on arrival. Just like my incalls, I do like to prepare myself accordingly for my outcalls as well (I will always arrive in an elegant and discreet outfit along with my usual impeccable manners), hence the booking and some percentage of the fee transferred in advance.


Please always communicate about cancelations (at least with 2 to 3 hours of notice) or delays, as failing to do so will simply 'kill' our chances to meet again in the future (and if you insist on booking again, then a deposit in advance will be required). In case of a communicated unexpected delay, a tolerance between 5 to 10 minutes may be allowed for meetings of 1 hour of duration or more, depending on my schedule, and 5 minutes of compensation may be given (not a promise, though, again, it will depend on my schedule). Any delays longer than 10 minutes, the meeting is automatically canceled and the number blocked, as the contact will be considered a timewaster. The latter also applies to a no-show, so please be extra considerate when it comes to our booking.

My primary way of contact is by phone (proper phone calls - not Whatsapp). Also please do not place calls or texts outside my usual working hours (mainly between 22:00h to 8am) as it is just inconsiderate and plain rude and it shows you either did not read my profile fully or simply ignored it. Whoever tries to bypass this basic and simple request will be ignored and blocked. If I do not answer on your first call attempt, please leave a text message with the following: * Your name and location; * Your preferred date and time (as well as different time options); * The duration of our meeting; * The best times I can call you back. With all this information I am able to get back to you as soon as I can, in your requested time(s). Also please, In your contact, kindly mention you found me here on Tryst.


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I would like to extend my gratitude to u and team for recognition of Trans community to ur site. By giving us the freedom and options what to put as labels or been identified. I admire u to step up and make a change. It's very important to understand that we have to get the same choices as cis males and cis females.

July 2021 | via Email

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