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Carnegie Velvet

Date an inked fairy porn star!

My friend said I make art that is "Dirty from the heart". I’m an artist, a punk, a nerd, a hedonist, sensualist, a bubbly yet deep, blunt and yet petal-soft, mercurial fairy who just wants to listen to your favorite music and have titillating conversations with you about art, literature, politics, science, life, and pleasure. I am creative, innovative, fun, strange, and an experienced facilitator of joyous adventure! This magical, disabled dancer/model/actress wants to help you delight in your senses. You deserve tender companionship, a friend with a sense of humor, and a fearless adventurer in your corner! I promise you, that is me. Carnegie Velvet! The multi-award winning porn creator and performer formerly known as Lyric Seal! Treat yoself! Book your sweet and wild Porn Star Date/Adventure experience today!

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Seattle, Washington, United States
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Men, Women, Non-binary, and Couples
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Woman (they)
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Body Type
Atypically toned and curvy
151 / 4'11"
Nubian, Arab, Celtic
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I often need at least 24 hours' notice to accessibly make a booking, sometimes more depending upon what access support I can secure for myself in time. I love brainstorming with clients on what works best for both of us! This is the sort of conversation it will need to be should you choose to fly me to you!


Genital rating for one picUS$20

Phone Call minimum 10 minUS$20

$2 a min with a minimum of 10 min

Genital rating- 1 pic- w descript$30

Scale of 1-10, plus a little reason why

Genital rating- 2 pics/2 viewsUS$40

To get any of my responses on videoUS$40

To get any of my genital ratings on video instead of text, each base price doubles!

Genital rating- 2 views- w descriptUS$50

2 photos, 2 ratings, with a little description of the different feels the 2 pics evoke

Rating of video of you touching youUS$60

You can finish or…not

1 hr Tarot reading on sex and love US$75

Rating of vid of you touching you +US$80

You guessed it! Number on the scale, and a big fat paragraph about how it made me feel. You finishing…or not!

Video Chat Show 1 hrUS$100

Custom NonExclusive VideoUS$300

commission a custom porn from me made just for you- with the caveat that I have the right to sell and post it elsewhere, and retain my own rights. Commissions are always listed in the credits!

Custom Exclusive VideoUS$400

commission a custom porn from me made just for you, for you only! I love making films! 20 minutes minimum (total edited version)


1 hr Life &love advice, coffee talkUS$300

Commission a kink scene, 1 hr US$300

2 hr Tarot reading and coffee talkUS$350

1 hr dateUS$400

2 hour sweet dateUS$750

A Scene into a Sweet or Mean DateUS$750

A Double with Harlow Lee 1 hrUS$800

A Double with Crystal Chambers 1 hrUS$1,000


selfies with me for public useUS$10

no tags on social media, please! Price is per photo.

Selfies with me for personal useUS$50

flat rate, unlimited private selfies (this doesn't include photoshoots)

Dinner, Drinks, or Coffee Date 1.5US$300

flat rate for 90 min! can be an add-on to any incall or outcall

private date at upscale hotel, 1 hr$500

hotel of your choice! room and hotel must be wheelchair accessible, thank you.

Party, Wedding, Gala, Event +1US$3,000

flat rate for multi-hour event (no more than 5), all expenses paid by you


Carnegie Bad Bitch Tour (per hr)$500

when I am already planning a trip, your rates are my usual outcall rates!

Fly me to the moon! 3-7 days$5,000

Fly me to you! 5000 flat rate for 3-7 days + airfare or other transportation, 2000 a day for each additional day 7+



Half when you book, nonrefundable, and then the second half at least 30 min before our session. Please see my cancellation policy for exceptions! The first half can be paid via Cashapp, the second half in person, in cash.


If you want to cancel, talk to me about why! I will refund or apply your deposit to a future session if you've had an emergency or disability related access need come up!

Please get in touch with a formal and friendly message introducing yourself and letting me know how you found me! Once all screening and necessary considerations have been satisfactorily completed we can get down to talking dirty and dancing sweet and having the adventure of our lives!

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