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Bree Daniels

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Bree Daniels “Passion, it lies in all of us, sleeping... waiting... and though unwanted... unbidden... it will stir... open its jaws and howl. It speaks to us... guides us... passion rules us all, and we obey. What other choice do we have? Without passion we'd be truly dead.” - Joss Whedon In the beginning .... As we share a bottle of wine, candles flicker, music plays in the background. We sit a safe distance apart, and shyly flirt legs are crossed and my stiletto falls away from my heel slightly, brushing your leg. I move closer, pretending I need to be able to hear you better. Secretly I want to be closer to you. We smile and laugh as we warm up to each other and share stories of passions and frustrations in our lives. The wine warms us, and with each sip we feel a little bolder as our flirting feels more intense. Leaning in closer I tell you where I plan on traveling in the next year; I touch your arm as I laugh at the joke you're telling me...we both feel the intensity building as we stare into each other’s eyes and listen to the other with true interest in what the other is speaking about. You offer to pour me another glass of wine, I nod and smile, "of course" I say as I softly laugh and shyly lower my head and then toss it back. A lock of hair falls in front of my eyes and instinctively you brush it away...with that our eyes lock, you move forward slowly and although it feels as if it is an eternity in slow motion...your lips eventually meet mine. Time seems to stand still as our lips are softly pressed together in an embrace that neither of us want to end..... How will our story go ? You may forget what she said, but you will never forget how she made you feel" - Carl W. Buechner Are your tastes a lil more unconventional ? Do you desire something with a little more heat ? What kind of adventures have you denied yourself or wild secrets you wish to unlock ? I invite you to take a bold journey to parts unknown with me… The Body I am your coquettish companion with a penchant for kink, a succulent treat that stands 5’5’’ with natural tones curves that you will indulge yourself in. I measure deliciously at 34’’ 24’’ 36’’. I'm your wildly deviant demimonde, easy going and laidback while always looking for the next arousing adventure of exploration I’m your alternative Hedonist with the sparkling eyes and magnetic smile , yet always with a little devilish charm and mischievously personality ready to turn the dial up a bit .. I strive daily to lead a healthy lifestyle and am very active , athletic, and love fitness .. But what girl doesn’t enjoy pizza, chocolate, and ice cream on occasion ? On a side note I must confess, I do enjoy a good bottle of wine and salacious conversation that leads into an intense passionate evening filled with excitement.. My approach to fashion is varied, edgy to alternative, steamy to sensual, casual to comfortable, elegant to alluring, form fitted sexy dresses to whispy bohemian skirts.. A night on the town, a weekend at the beach, an intimate evening in by the fire.. Whatever the occasion calls for, I have the perfect attire appropriate for any adventure you have in mind for us The Mind There is more to me than what is just seen on the surface. I am greater than the sum of my parts and I endeavor to be your tour guide and explore the naughtier sides of intimacy that you have desired.. I'm outgoing and well educated with liberal views and love salacious and provocative conversation. As someone who juggles many hats you will find me multi-faceted as I navigate different paths in the arts, queer and alternative communities. I enjoy mixing light humor into what I have to say as laughter is the best medicine and is the best ice breaker. You'll see I'm a bit of a mix of enigmatic, flirtatious, and can be a bit of a wild child, but also find that I must have those days where I relish in the tranquility of calm and peaceful moments and simple self care and relaxation. My experience has allowed me to travel all over, Its allowed me to be well versed with the world and the ability to be culturally engaging. On the flip side I am also very civic minded , socially in tune with current events and am active in issues that affect local communities. It is my hope that you will find me an eclectic mixture of an intellect, and carefree woman who is unpretentious, and authentic. The Soul My desire is to provide you with an authentic and enticing experience – one that will leave you breathless, along with a smile that will last for days. Fantasy or Fetish, Sensual or Erotic, I love it all . I am passionate about exchanging thoughts and ideas , as well as exploring pleasures and acting out fantasies ... There are many layers to my personality. I am deeply spiritual and passionate, and it will be my pleasure to share that with you. I tend to lean to the exotic and unique , and like to take a walk on the wild side. I find myself drawn to qualities that encompass the spirit of being taboo. Yet you will also enjoy the added bonus of a fun and sexy woman that enjoys life's luxuries, big or small . My preference is for an encounter that is far from rushed. We live in a fast-paced world, always running from one point to another. Let’s take a little time getting to know one another, building a connection that allows us to slow down and relax into an unrivaled personalized experience, whether that be 90 mins of excitement or 3-4 hours of vacillating between relaxing and intense passion. Intimate connection is important for I know it is to you. I believe in deep connections, as it allows for a more profoundly erotic experience. I implore you to share in enjoying the breathless yet euphoric feeling that comes along with finding new connections, meeting new lovers, and pursuing the opportunity to discover each other. Together we will enjoy life’s greatest pleasures as I take away your stresses, leaving you deeply fulfilled yet yearning for more Please accept my invitation to discover more ... Salaciously Yours , Bree xoxo

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Given proper notice I am usually available for any requested day and time, however I do lead a busy life of my own and the further you book in advance greater our chance will be of connecting together.

Tour Schedule

I've had lots of request to come to Chicaho so here I come! Please prebook via my website's booking form on the connect page. Both screening and deposit are mandatory and priority will be give to longer appointments. I'll be available for incall as well as outcall, and packing a variety of clothing to be ready to explore the city and the bed! Some gifts I enjoy: flowers, jewlery, and Ofcourse coffee are appreciated. Favorite foods: sushi, Ethiopian, vegan/healthy, and I also have a quirky intereste in trying local cuisines. I'll be bringing a large variety of toys as well as outfits for my kink/fetish enthusiast. Lets have some fun together! This is already filling up fast so please don't miss out on our chance to connect!

Chicago, IL, USJun 10–13
Breezy in the windy city!


1 hourUS$550

2 hour incall/outcallUS$800



Detroit and surrounding suburbs


Detroit and surrounding suburbs


1hr incall/outcall elUS$550

East Coast rate

2hr incall/outcallUS$800

West cost rate



25% nonrefundable deposit is required to secure our time together in addition to full screening, I accept various payment methods, please inquire


please refer to my website for my cancellation policy

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