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Blair Nikole Fox

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🤟🏻🤟🏻INKCARCERATION- I HAVE AN EXTRA VIP TICKET!! JULY 15-17! (info: ✨✨•100% Honest •Super Funny •Cute Lil Ball of Anxiety •Hella Sexy •Nomadic Wanderluster •Eclectic Soul •Old Head on Young Shoulders •Empathetic & Compassionate -These are the basic bullet points to describe me. Do you know what Blair means? Probably not, that’s a really random piece of information to just have on hand so lemme tell ya. When I picked my name out (spoiler alert: Blair isn’t my real name lol) well, I first googled “sexiest names”. Blair was on the list. First thought: “Oh! Like Blair Witch, ok, I’m kind of a creepy bitch; I can dig it.” Then I looked up the etymology- it means “plain”; which I thought was funny- because I’m anything but. (Fox was #1 sexy last name and I realized none of these other hoes [respectfully] had a middle name. I liked Nicole but wanted to be different. … Just incase you were curious) Anyways, a little more about me: I’m a bit of a gambling enthusiast, I curse too much to be considered a “lady” (but am very aware of time and place), I plan on being completely covered in tattoos by the time I die (and have a good start to it), and I’m a heck of a good time! I can wear many hats, one as effortlessly as the next; classy, laid back, hoity-toity, outdoorsy, etc etc. It seems like I can blend in and find friends among any group, in any setting! I’m very nonjudgmental and try to give everyone a fair chance to screw me over (lol🥲) before I write them off! I’m an open book, so come get to know me! I’ve got an interesting disposition on life & some crazy stories, too! Can’t wait to hear from you! ☺️ ❣️❣️Links to my social media, reviews, payment methods, marketing & more: 💫💫I am 100% independent; I’m the only person reading & responding to your texts, emails and booking (screening) forms. This takes quite a bit of time as I receive dozens of inquiries daily! Please refrain from contacting until you are ready to screen and place a deposit! You CAN leave an open ended deposit of $100 to show genuine interest without blocking a specific time-frame for our date! 💎💎 FMTY & FMWY AVAILABLE! PASSPORT READY! 💋💋 PUH-LEASE for the love of everything; READ MY WEBSITE! Nine times out of ten, the questions you seek answers to are already answered ON MY WEBSITE [] In an effort to stop the time-wasting antics- effective immediately- there will be a $50 charge added to bookings that incur more than 1 already-answered-question. Thanks for your diligence.

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Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
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Men, Women, Non-binary, and Couples
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Woman (she)
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Body Type
Teeny, tiny - fun size - smol
153 / 5'0"
Cup Size
Hair Colour
Shoe Size
5.5 - 6
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🖤Super partial to overnights, weekends, extended dates, FMTYs & vacations!! 🖤I’m available anytime but I’m not all of the time. Message & confirm with me! 🖤I PREFER A MINIMUM OF A 4 HOUR BOOKING ON FIRST DATES 🖤90 minutes is REQUIRED MINIMUM!! This is so that we can talk, maybe get a meal together and get to know each other a bit! I am turned on by honesty, humility, kindness and humor; let me see the real you!

Tour Schedule

“When are you coming to ______?” When it’s worthwhile! How does it become worthwhile? Several ways: 1) something cool comes to your city that I wanna go to. that might be a festival, a casino promotion, armageddon; who knows! 2) sponsor a tour. a sponsorship can take the form of many things, which can include covering my hotel, flight etc. costs or making a deposit on a 4+ hour date. 3) fmty 4) if enough interest is given, I might just pop in to see what’s what. so let me know you like me! texts and messages are always open and usually responded to (eventually lol)

Columbus, OH, USJul 13–20


Casual Video Chat - half hour US$100

Just chat and get to know me - no nudity or the like - SCREENING IS REQUIRED

Explicit Video Chat - half hourUS$275

Lingerie and some nudity included - SCREENING IS REQUIRED

XXX Video Chat- half hour US$400

If you wanna see me get down and dirty before we uh - SCREENING REQUIRED


I am your virtual girlfriend for a full 12 hours! - SCREENING IS REQUIRED


20+ HOURSUS$425

per hour

16-20 HOURSUS$475

per hour

12-16 HOURSUS$500

per hour

7-12 HOURSUS$525

per hour

4-7 HOURSUS$575

per hour

0-4 HOURS US$600

per hour


Per 24 hours; requires a 72+ hour booking


Wanna stay longer? + per hour (ex: extra 1 hour is $750) Extensions are treated as new bookings.

No such thing as a stupid question US$50

JK yes there is, it’s the ones that have already been answered but you didn’t look for it. Sorry, but this has gotten to be too much.


<10 milesUS$125

Incudes Uber

>10 milesUS$250

Up to 40 miles - Uber included


You prepay flight, meals, accommodations and incidental stipend + deposit. Rates vary depending on duration of visit, plans, & location!



Temporary surcharge to offset rising hotel, flight, etc. costs


Temporary surcharge to offset rising hotel, flight, etc. costs



💫30% deposit is REQUIRED 🚨ALL DEPOSITS ARE NON REFUNDABLE specific reasons you will not receive a return of your deposit (yes, someone has done these): -If you lied on your screen and I find out later (no reward for being sneaky) -If you cancel with less than 6 hours notice -If you become aggressive or overly weird and freak me tf out -If I tell you NO to a date and you submit a “deposit” anyways -Or any other reason I deem fit. I’m a reasonable and kind person; this policy shouldn’t scare anyone with common sense and decency… 💎Your deposit will be returned if I cannot make the date AND you do not wish to reschedule. 🔔You deposit is transferrable (meaning you can apply it to a rescheduled future date) as long as your cancel at least 6 HOURS prior to our meeting ONE TIME! If you cancel with less notice your deposit is forfeited.


6 HOURS notice minimum to retain deposit 1 HOUR notice minimum to remain eligible for a future date $250 charge for anyone who ghosted or canceled last minute and would like to book a future date

TEXT OR EMAIL ONLY! text is preferred DO NOT CALL ME! it goes straight to voicemail and I prob won’t call back 🎀🎀SCREENING PROCESS: Visit 💎💎 and fill out ALL of the required information HONESTLY. The information gathered is solely to ensure my safety! I am a one woman operation; I, alone, screen you meaning I am also the only person who ever sees this info! It is not saved, sold, shared or stored!

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