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    Mar 5, 2020

About BettieBANGS!

Party n Playmate specialty PnP and all the interesting erotic stuff that gets you going. I got it. You wanna talk to and experiment with someone cool when you are speeding thru the night (or day) No judgement from this girl. Your life choices are your business. I'm here to have a good time and party it up with you as a friend you can be yourself with and no strings just fun. Three paragraphs is a lot. What you want to know vs. what I think you want to know. So facts and stats are good right : I am half Latina half white 38 D 34 waist 46 hips at least I am in great shape do yoga so my skin is nice and smooth and a light tan. I am partially shaved and have a beautiful lady part so I'm told. I have big nipples and fat lips and few tattoos. I range from dressing upscale modest pretty trendy girl to trashy goth fetish queen and sometimes I just run around like a bag lady with no washing machine lol. If you catch me that day maybe I can use your shower? I enjoy making and listening to music. Jungle, drum n bass , electro , indie alternative punk and experimental ambiant goth hard trance and rap. I like to sing karaoke or jam live instruments. I also paint and craft like a kindergarten kid on crack. I enjoy shopping and fashion. I also have a big heart to volunteer for a good cause. I root for the underdog. I believe everyone is beautiful I don't hold grudges I always strive to be my best self and to bring that out in others. I have a lot of time to travel and do what I want so I'm pretty relaxed and happy with my life. I've gotten kinky over the past few years I'm interested in how many times can I cum in a day and I wanna learn how to squirt. I enjoy bondage and being lightly Dominated and i am a stellar Dominatrix for singles or couples newbies or experienced players. I have been an escort for over 10 years I am very good at it and 100 % independent and safe. I have worked in Denver San Francisco L.a Palm Springs and of course the Inland Empire. My dates are never rushed and we will part as friends and lovers till we meet again Xoxoxo BettieBANGS!
Photo of BettieBANGS!Photo of BettieBANGS!Photo of BettieBANGS!Photo of BettieBANGS!



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