Ava Lawrence

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Ava Lawrence

Your sweetest courtesan

Happy I caught your eye, 
 Have you ever connected with someone so intensely that you feel like you can truly let down you guard, bare yourself, and finally figure out how to articulate those deep desires of yours? Well it’s my passion in life to provide the type of intimacy that’s safe and so extraordinary that you might just forget about the world outside our bedroom for a few moments. Skin as soft as silk; I taste as sweet as your favourite dessert and will make you feel as alive as one can be. Let’s revel in each other presence, indulge yourself in my sensuous curves. My hips might invite your hands to caress and memorize their pinup-like form, my breasts will tempt you to bury yourself in them. I have a mischievous smile that will get you all worked up. Maybe you’ll wonder what you’ve gotten yourself into, but my sweet green eyes will reassure you that I am first and foremost invested in your ultimate pleasure. There’s only so much you can glean from my words. What I truly want is to let you discover for yourself how inviting and responsive my body can feel under your gentle guidance. Even though I can do my best communicating through physical touch, I am quite the conversationalist and am eager to connect with new friends and lovers. I’m fluent in three languages, giving us a multitude of ways to communicate our yearning for one another. I am uncomplicated and mainly crave novelty. Give me adventures, in and outside of the bedroom and I’m all yours. Indulge me in showing me around your city. I can appreciate an extraordinary restaurant, or a cozy hole in the wall bar favoured by the locals. I’m versatile and outgoing. I can suit absolutely any setting as long as you’re there to hold my hand as we explore. Kink and fetish friendly, ask away my loves. Discretion is of the highest importance to me. Book me with confidence, our secret is safe. The possibilities are endless together. Treat yourself in the best of ways; to me.

Based in
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Caters to
Men, Women, Non-binary, and Couples
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Woman (she)
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164 / 5'5"
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Pre-booking is best, however you can always try your luck day of xox

Tour Schedule

Pre-booking is always best through avalawrence.net ! xox

Montreal, QC, CAMay 24 – Jun 2
All info on my website or by e-mail xox
Toronto, ON, CAJun 14–17
All info on my website or by e-mail xox


90 minutes; Pure blissC$550

2 hours; Moment in timeC$700

3 hours; Hors D'oeuvreC$1,000

4 hours; Dinner or a showC$1,250

6 hours; A sparkC$1,600


90 minutes; Pure blissUS$750

2 hours; Moment in timeUS$900

3 hours; Hors d'oeuvreUS$1,300

4 hours; Dinner or a showUS$1,700

6 hours; A sparkUS$2,500

6+ hoursUS$2,500

Please visit my website for info on longer dates



If we have not met previously, a 20 percent deposit will be required. Deposits show that you are serious about our date and allow me to book our time and plan accordingly.


If it becomes necessary for you to cancel: Within 48 hours of our planned date, deposits will be non-refundable. Within 24 hours of our date, 50 percent of the full stated and agreed upon donation will be required. Within 12 hours of our date, the full stated and agreed upon donation will be required. Thank you for understanding and respecting my time.

Please fill out the booking form on my website for a date💓

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