Artemisia de Vine

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Artemisia de Vine

Is it erotic companionship you seek? Or perhaps a chance to spend time with someone experienced, warm, welcoming and willing to explore your sexual potential? Whether sensual or kinky, there are many opportunities. Perhaps you'd like someone wiht which to explore your taboo fantasies? Do you yearn for a deeply sensual GFE or crave to be ravished by a dominant girlfriend? Do you yearn for a skilled erotic massage that brings you to the edge, again and again... or a guides you into exploring the possibilities of your prostate/anal pleasure? Do you fantasise Cougar/MILF experiences? Play dates with me are suited to those who appreciate voluptuous curves, confident maturity, sense there is something more and would like an experienced play partner to discover themselves with. Whether sensual, intimate, passionate or perverted, I like to take the lead… though under the right circumstances, I can enjoy being thoroughly pleasured in return… I appreciate the kind of play that allows us to awaken the kind of erotic beings we really are, without pressure to conform or perform. I believe the most satisfying sex is not about how many orgasms we have but about the places we go inside ourselves and with each other. Orgasms are a side effect of opening to our authentic erotic beingness. Sensual Girlfriend Experience: This booking style is for those who desire the sexual companionship of a woman. Full service included. An hour or two, dinner dates, overnights and full weekends away. Sink into the soft velvety curves of busty beauty. Dominant Girlfriend Experience: Do you yearn to give up the reigns and be ravished? Does it make you hot thinking of a dominant woman who knows what she wants and how to take it? Are you turned on by being bossed around or gently taught by a confident woman who knows what she is doing and in touch with her own desires? MILF? Older woman? Tied and teased to the edge again and again until you beg for release? This is a full service session. MILF Cougar: It is no secret I have a weakness for seducing younger men. I like being the one to show you how it is done... Do you like to lead the dance or would you like to know what it is like to let go and have me lead? Forbidden Fantasies through Role Play: I am incredibly open minded and non judgemental about sexual fantasies. In fact I believe they are meant to be bizarre and go against our usual moral codes to help us process those aspects of ourselves. To create intentional relationship with this aspect of our sexuality through sexy play times is not only super hot, but important and healthy. In this style of booking, I take my time to find out about the ways in which you are uniquely wired and meet you there. Sometimes just with dirty talk and other times with elaborate role plays. My expertise is taking my time to work out your emotional aphrodisiacs, fantasy hot buttons. Cheating wife, Cuckolding, Older woman, Step mother seduction, Sister-in-Law... Teacher/student, Boss/employee... Age play... Aunty caught you rummaging through her knicker draw with an erection... We are only limited by imaginations! Exploring Your unique Erotic "fingerprint" through Play: This booking style is about being playfully curious about how you are uniquely sexually wired. I take my time to guide you into sexploration using tools and techniques designed to help you drop deeper into the kind of sexual flow you sense exists. We discover each other through play that stems from authentic sexual expression. Full service is possible in this session if that is the direction in which we find ourselves naturally going. This play style is about breaking from formulas and letting our genuine desires and needs take the lead from moment to moment. It is structured differently to the GFE so as to intentionally draw out your hidden erotic currents and show you how to find, and play with, mine. You can use these skills with your lovers forever more. This session requires a minimum of 2 hours to be effective. Mistress/BDSM: This booking style is strictly non full service but has an entirely different power dynamic and focus. I have many years experience as a respected and highly skilled practitioner of BDSM. See my other website if this aspect interests you. Different rates apply. Note: If you I have ever seen you in my role as Mistress, I will not see you in a full service capacity at all. Respect this boundary as it is important to me. Erotic Massage sessions: (Strictly non full service) Want to sink into blissful hot oil, skin on skin touch? Ever been curious about your potential for anal and prostate pleasure and wanted to be guided by an expert? Heard all the fuss about deeply sensual erotic massages that bring you to the edge again and again? Interested in exploring an erotic massage style tie and tease? All Edging and Anal/prostate Massage sessions are approximately 2hrs long and include in depth consultation to teach you simply but very effective techniques to drop down into the experience and get a lot more out of it. Showers at the beginning & end and about 90mins on the table experiencing. Yes there is a reason I do it this way. After years of experimenting, I have worked out what works. Erotic Massage 1 hr $350 Anal/edging Erotic massage sessions: 90min-2 hrs $500 Escort/full service Rates: 30mins $250 1hr $450 2hr $800 3hr $1200 4 hour dinner dates & play time 2hr/2hr $1500 Overnight 14 hours $3000 Where: Very inner West/CBD Sydney When: Mon-Friday 10am-10pm (Available ouside these times if pre-booked and deposit paid) Contact: Call rather than text as we need to get a feel for each other. 0488278839 Sensual wesbite (Escort, Erotic Massage etc) BDSM/Kink (Mistress, Goddess) wesbite

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Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
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Woman (she)
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168 / 5'6"
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I only accept pre-booked session for dinner dates or overnights on the weekends. All shorter or last minute bookings need to be Mon-Fri between 11am-10pm. I do recommend booking ahead even for these as otherwise you are likely to miss out.


30 minsA$250

1 hrA$450

2 hr A$850

Dinner date & play timeA$1,500


14 hours


1 hour A$500


Dinner date and play time A$1,500


14 hour

Please call and actually speak to me when applying to a play date. We both need to feel into whether or not we are on the same page. No texts or blocked numbers.

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