Arianna Rose

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Arianna Rose

Sexy & smart brunette babe

I dash out the door and make it to the platform just in time to catch the train into the office. In a blazer and flats or a warm weather sundress or cocktail dress, I am the classic girl next door with the sweet but slightly wicked smile, the one who caught your eye in the coffee shop. But my leather handbag contains more then just a dog eared novel and my presentation for today’s meetings- lace designer lingerie, a discreet Lelo vibrator, and silk stockings for tonight’s after work date: welcome to the secret world of Arianna Rose. I am not your ‘average’ escort, if there is such a thing. With a master’s degree and a rewarding career, my life as Arianna provides me with adventure, escape from the mundane, and I absolutely love the thrill of meeting new people and giving them pleasure, both sexually and otherwise. I am a true world traveller in all sense of the word, and I want to experience everything life can offer us. I love to share in authentic and meaningful experiences. To me, the sexiest organ is the mind, and I love when I can really connect with a gentleman, as it makes our time together so much better! Time spent with me is as authentic and real as it gets- although I may go by pseudonym to protect my identity, that is the only barrier. I am always myself with the select gentleman I spend time with- both because I wouldn’t know how to be anyone else, and because I am not one for putting on airs or being untrue to myself. I am a laid back, easy-going girl-next-door- the type you would never guess leads a secret life as an escort. I have been told I am “effortlessly sexy”, an innocent ingenue who opens up behind closed doors. Discretion is of paramount importance to me, as I know it is to you too, so please be assured that everything will stay completely confidential between us, and I will always arrive at your hotel dressed in a classic, understated style. Long and natural brunette locks, a lean and toned body with curves where it matters, glowing bronzed skin, and large almond eyes await you. As your hands caress my soft skin, you’ll feel a small, trim waist, leading down to a round, peachy behind and legs that seem to go on forever. For a refreshing change, all of my photos are un-airbrushed and un-Photoshopped, and were taken very recently. I want you to request my company with the confidence that I am who I claim to be. I am fully independent, and throughout our correspondence you will be communicating directly with me. My body is also all natural, untouched by implants, Botox or lip fillers, and I maintain a healthy lifestyle. When not working, I can be found cycling, bushwalking, skiing, or diving in one of Sydney’s beautiful bays. I’m also available for FMTY arrangements in Australia, the US, and worldwide.

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Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
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Slim, athletic
173 / 5'8"
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I enjoy a flexible schedule in my non-escorting career, which allows me to be available for both daytime, afternoon, and evening dates, with notice.

Tour Schedule

I look forward to hearing from you and please reach out with any questions. In DC, my main reason for visiting is personal, so I have slightly limited availability- but please reach out as I'd love to meet you, if our schedules align. My SF dates can also be extended, if interest is there, and I am very open to FMTYs/extended dates.

Washington DC, DC, USMay 30 – Jun 13


One hourA$550

90 minA$800

Two hoursA$1,000

Lunch or dinner dateA$1,400


One hourA$550

90 minA$800

Two hoursA$1,000

Lunch or dinner dateA$1,400


60 minUS$600

90 minUS$850

An introduction

Two hoursUS$1,100

An lingering affair

Dinner or lunch dateUS$1,800

A delicious escape

Text or email is my preferred initial contact method, thank you.

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