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    Albury, New South Wales, Australia
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    Male, Female, Couples
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    Female (she)
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    Toned & curvy
  • Height
    170 cm / 5′ 7″
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    Jan 15, 2020

About Annabelle May

I believe the term best suited to describe me is Nymphomaniac. Which, according to the dictionary, means "a woman who has abnormally excessive and uncontrollable sexual desire". Although I have travelled and extensively studied I always felt like there was something missing in my life. ...Something that I couldn't fill by backpacking through Mexico or Skiing the Canadian Rockies. ...An itch I couldn't scratch. For years I suppressed my sexual desires and tried to ignore the urges to play up. To be promiscuous.... ......Until now. Now I am free to be as bad, as naughty and as unapologetically sexual as my heart desires and believe me, I can be a VERY bad girl! Whether it be my specialty Girlfriend Experience, which will have your heart pounding just that little bit harder for days after, or my very naughty Pornstar Experience, for those who like the temperature turned right up in the bedroom, I always aim for perfection.
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Etiquette - Do not ask for personal photos, nudes or selfies, - I understand that things come up in life and you may have to cancel due to that - I get it, these things happen. I ask that if you do have to cancel please message as early as possible to do so or you won't be able to book as easily the next occasion you wish to see me. If you wish to reschedule and it is last minute then a $50 deposit will be required for that, as with any future bookings when you cancel last minute or don't contact/show up at all, - As a professional, I always like to ensure I look my very best so I can provide you with a 5-star experience. From choosing the right outfit to perfecting my hair and makeup and being freshly showered; I put a lot of prep work into every booking. Because of this, I request the following: 1) at least a hours notice for bookings, 2) all prebookings require a $50 deposit (no exception), and 3) bookings that require me to travel outside of the local area will need a travel deposit paid at least an hour before I depart to see you (individually determined based on if you are a 1st time or repeat customer & distance travelling).
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