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    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
  • Caters to
    Male, Female, Non-binary, Couples
  • Gender
    Non-binary (they)
  • Body type
  • Height
    151 cm / 4′ 11″
  • Ethnicity
  • Cup size
  • Hair colour
  • Shoe size
  • Eye colour
  • Last activity
    Nov 14, 2019

About Andromeda Blue

Please note!!!: My present incall situation is tricky, so it may very well be a hotel instead. Outcalls to your residence are still welcome. I do not accept same day bookings from new clients, and am primarily available weekends+weekday evenings. For the moment, my hair is black. One of my closest friends has described my style as 70% punk, 20% bohemian, 10% goth. Whether that is true or not can be left for you to decide. With that in mind though, I try to be as approachable and friendly as possible. I am a highly artistic individual, with a deep interest in activism and horticulture, and can speak fluently on many subjects. If I can't, I'll ask many questions. While I drink socially, I rarely have more than one or two, so don't be surprised if I end up sipping. I don't partake in any other substances. Of course, when it comes to the bedroom, I'm happy to work with new challenges and requests, as well as provide suggestions of my own. I treat every new interaction as its own experience and special adventure. While I tend towards letting you lead where you want our time to go, I'm more than happy than to work with those who may be more reserved as well. I tend to be relatively low volume, and thoroughly enjoy those regulars I work with again and again. If you are femme, queer, or otherwise marginalized, have no fear! I am probably more than happy to work with you. While I have several services I typically offer (classic GFE and social) if you have anything particular in mind, include that in your initial request, and I may be able to accommodate. No judgment here, just curiosity c: If interested, please message me with the following information: - your name, what service you are looking for - roughly the day, time, and length you would like - if you need any particular accommodations or considerations for accessibility or your own comfort - if you're interested in a duo or trio, let me know what you are looking for! Hopefully, our first meeting will only be the first of many
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  • Add 1 hour
    flotsam and jetsam
  • 1 hour
    a lively romp in the hay


  • Add 1 hour
    wiggle room for two
  • 1 hour
    a sexy silly visit


  • 1 hour - social
    definitely highway robbery
  • 1 hour
    practically highway robbery


M-F I'm available after 7pm, Sat/Sun 11am-8pm. I don't do same day bookings for new clients
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