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    Ontario, Canada
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    160 cm / 5′ 2″
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    Male, Female, Couples
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About The Sublime Sara

I'm The Sublime Sara, and I mainly work out of Burlington, Ontario. I like visiting other cities in the GTA (Ajax, Markham, Oakville, etc) as well as Ottawa and I hope to be expanding that list soon.

I've been working in the industry for two years and I love it. I'm 100% independent and I found a way to work that works for me. I enjoy what I do (aside from the obvious reasons) because I like meeting new people. One of my favourite parts about sex work is when I meet a new client and see them start off feeling nervous and shy, then watching as they become comfortable and happy. Few things make me as happy as providing my clients with a safe haven where they can escape the stress of their lives.

I find clients enjoy getting to know my personality as much as my body. I have an English degree from York University (I had dreams of being a professor before I became disillusioned with academia), and I studied Social Work at Ryerson for 2 years. I love helping people and I enjoyed learning about psychology, politics, sociology, etc but I realized it wasn't the right career for me, and I can help people in different ways.

I'm very creative and love to express that through creating visual art, decorating my home, and especially how I present myself in ads as well as in person. I enjoy reading and writing - I self-published a comic-book when I was 19 and I'm working on another story. I really enjoy music as well, especially classic rock and folk-rock music.

I love it when clients follow me on twitter (or at least check it out) and read my website before they contact me so they have a better idea of what I'm like and what to expect when they meet me.



  • 30 Minutes
  • 45 Minutes
  • Additional Hours
  • 60 Minutes


  • 30 Minutes
  • 45 Minutes
  • Additional Hours
  • 60 Minutes


I'm generally available during afternoons and evenings, sometimes late night as well but I prefer to get notice ahead of time to make sure I'm available.

I require 24 hour notice to host incalls in Downtown Toronto, but I'm available for short notice appointments when I'm touring in other cities, When I work in Toronto I rent a condo incall by the hour from another sex worker and I need to provide 24hr notice but I'm hoping to have my own incall soon so my availability will be more open.

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Please Text or Email me first. If you need to speak on the phone please arrange a time to do so through text or email first as I don't want to miss tyour call while I'm with a client, and won't answer my work phone to talk about work stuff in public.

I highly recommend you go through my website first as it has a lot of information you'll need and I specifically wrote a blog to make first contact easier.

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