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Jessie Sage and Dr. PJ Patella-Rey Launch Sex Industry Book Club Podcast

Jessie Sage and Dr. PJ Patella-Rey Launch Sex Industry Book Club Podcast

. 2 min read

Hosts of the popular ‘Peepshow Podcast’ announce the launch of a new project, Sex Industry Book Club, a podcast discussing books about the sex industry.

The first episode aired on Sat, May 14, 2022, and featured Dr. Heather Berg, author of Porn Work: Sex Labor and Late Capitalism. In a future episode, Jessie and PJ will be interviewing Charlotte Shane, author of Prostitute Laundry.

The show focuses on writing done about the sex industry by sex workers, sex professionals, and sex enthusiasts. While there are currently a lot of podcasts about the industry, there aren't any devoted exclusively to books. Sex Industry Book Club aims to fill that void by platforming discussions about the talent that exists on this side of the industry.

Dr. PJ Patella-Rey, co-host of the show said: “Given the current climate of rampant sexual repression, I think it’s crucial that we build broad political coalitions and that our show can contribute to this necessary work.”

Like traditional book clubs, Sex Industry Book Club reads one book a month. On the show, Jessie and PJ talk to the authors and other industry professionals about the book. Listeners are encouraged to be active participants in the podcast by submitting audio or written questions for guests to discuss.

“Throughout our history with Peepshow Podcast and Peepshow Magazine, PJ and I have covered the sex industry from a wide variety of angles,” said co-host Jessie Sage. “I’m ready to narrow our focus by highlighting books by and about the industry. As a writer myself, in the process of writing my first book, I can’t wait for the opportunity to highlight the phenomenal writing and storytelling that comes out of our community.”

Sex Industry Book Club is partnered with Assembly Four, who will be posting show transcripts on their Tryst Blog. "We love the work Jessie and PJ have done with Peepshow and were over the moon to be approached for such an important resource to be hosted on,” said Lola Hunt, Co-founder of Assembly Four and Tryst. “Open discussion between community leaders and sex workers is vital to the progress of the sex workers rights movement. We are thrilled to be facilitating these conversations and hope they will contribute to a brighter future for the next generation of Whores and non-Whores alike"

Listen to the show on Spotify, Apple or Libsyn. Follow and submit questions on Twitter and Instagram.

Find Jessie Sage on Twitter and Dr. PJ Patella-Rey on Instagram and Twitter.