Traffic and exposure are two of the most important parts of your marketing. They determine who books you, how you're seen and ultimately how much money you make. Our aim through this post is to help you understand where Tryst get its traffic from.

Misconception 1: Google is our main source of traffic

Only approximately 30% of our overall traffic comes from Google and other Search Engines. The bulk of our traffic actually comes from other sites such as Twitter, Switter and other forums. Google isn't as important as it is perceived to be.

Our traffic from Google grew 5.6x since our last traffic update in November, but overall our traffic has grown by 15.6x.

Here's how we've grown:

  • 160,181 monthly page views -> 2,658,516 (~1559% growth)
  • 234,790 monthly impressions on Google -> 905,000  (~285% growth)

We are focused not only on building our search results, but our brand. We aim to build something people know as a good product, not just a top result in Google.

Misconception 2: The best place to be on a website is the homepage

The homepage receives 7.9% of traffic but only results in 0.7% of all contact interactions, such as clicks through to your website/social and reveal contact details. If you aren't on the homepage, don't stress! You are more likely to be found through search, similar profiles, categories and available now. You shouldn't have to fight for the top placement on the homepage as your only source of exposure.

Misconception 3: Sites which rank highly in Google, are the best sites to advertise

High rankings alone do not mean that a site will get you bookings. There are many factors Google takes into account when ranking search results. These include domain age, whereas some are at the top because they are high quality. Different sites attract different clientele, gain traffic from different keywords and will ultimately will produce a different return on investment.

How you can help

A few of you have asked how you can help us grow. The best thing you can do to help is simply to let others know about Tryst. Whether that's linking to us on a forum, telling your existing clients or sharing other workers Tryst profiles on Twitter. Every little bit helps.

Summing up

Finding ad platforms through word of mouth is great, but if you can back up claims with traffic stats, you're far more likely to hit a winning platform. You can use tools like SimilarWeb and Alexa to better understand traffic on ad sites. Tools like this aren't 100% but we have found based our own data that SimilarWeb provides a close estimate.