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A Tryst with Atlanta escort Logan Lee

A Tryst with Atlanta escort Logan Lee

. 4 min read

Sex workers come from an incredibly diverse set of backgrounds and experiences which often aren't portrayed in mainstream media. At Tryst, we think it's important that all sex workers are heard and given the platform to express themselves. Today, we chat to Atlanta escort Logan Lee about how she got started, the power of ice cream and decrim.

Tell us your story, how did you get into the industry and what has your journey looked like thus far?

I think some people have this obsession with sex workers having this traumatic experience that forced them into the industry. Some people actually like sex and I'm one of them! I’ve always been sexually liberated and open minded, so it kinda of came naturally. It was just the right place and the right time.
My experience doing sex work has been super intuitive and positive. It's really allowed for me to be myself, and that be okay. I'm forever grateful for this journey and really look forward to the future.

What are some of your hobbies and interests outside of work?

I'm extremely spontaneous! So impromptu day trips are a must. It's something so provocative about flying to NYC for dinner and then catching a red-eye back home. I also enjoy day trading, racquetball, and Googling random things at 3am.

What have you learned about yourself through being a sex worker?

I've learned how to truly value myself and tap into my feminine engery. Sex Work has given me this presence of mind and confidence I wouldn't of obtained working a regular job. I love it here!

Is there a book, tv show or movie that has had a major impact on your life? What was it and what did it teach you?

It's a charming little book called "The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho, which was life changing for me. It taught me to chase my dreams, no matter the obstacles or hardships. And that destiny always has a way to lead you back to your purpose and make your dreams come true. It's so magical and such a good read. If I could yelp this book, five stars - would totally recommend.
"When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it."

-Paulo Coelho

When you’re having a bad day, what do you do to make yourself feel better?

I have no shame in saying that there's nothing crying and ice cream won't fix. Don't believe me try it for yourself.

What kind of music are you currently listening to?

I have such an eclectic taste in music. Pass me the aux cord! One day, Florence and The Machine is on repeat and then we're vibing to Ari Lennox or Wizkid.

As sex workers, we face a number of challenges in our line of work. What is one issue you care about and how do you think your clients can help sex workers?

Sex Work is work & it's not a trend. Studies show the porn industry generates over $12 billion dollars in annual revenue, but yet were so heavily stigmatized. We have people that say things like, "get a real job". We have the government policing us and telling us what to do with our bodies. We face socioeconomic challenges. We have celebrities gentrifing our community as an aesthetic.
No matter what end of the spectrum you’re looking at; our job is not a cakewalk. Clients can help by making our jobs easier simply by reading our ads and websites before contacting us, respecting our time and boundaries, stop subscribing to celebrity onlyfans, and tipping your local sex workers.
It's time to decriminilize Sex Work.

Do you have any tips for workers just starting out?

The recent pandemic has really showed us how unexpected life can be, and the importance of investing and having a safety net. Anything can happen and you really need to have a solid savings. I can't stress this enough! Since most sex workers are cash based, it's so easy to lose track of your spending. Financial literacy is key in this industry for longevity and true independence.
I find great pleasure in helping other women in the industry flourish. If any ladies, have any questions, feel alone, or need advise please do not hesitate to contact me. I'll be more than happy to help

How would you describe your dream date?

Full of laugher. Flowers. Deeply bonded conversations. Michelin starred. Vintage Sauvignon blanc.

The key to my heart is: Being exactly who you say you are.  
Designer heels

One of my simple pleasures is: Watching the sunset  

My favorite scent is: OUD Satin Mood

My favorite restaurant is: Two Urban Licks. (It's so dark and romantic, the atmosphere is unmatched).

Want to meet Atlanta escort Logan Lee in the flesh? Head over to her Tryst profile! 👇👇👇

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Logan Lee is a female escort from Atlanta, Georgia, United States: ❤ Are you ready to be mesmerized by my curvaceous body? Enraptured by my passionate glaze? Tantalized by my warm touch? If you’re looking for a companion with undying beauty, intelligence, and a electrifying personality then look no …